Now Accepting Registrations for Middle School Waterpolo

6th - 8th grade boys & girls | February 28, 2017

HEAT Middle School Water Polo 

Boys and girls in grades 6 - 8 will be instructed on the skills and strategies of water polo, with a focus placed on fundamentals of the sport.

This is technically a development program for high school water polo, therefore emphasis is on learning the fundamental skills of the game and how to work as a team. Your son or daughter actually learning the sport is a higher priority than “winning at all costs” (but wins do often follow a greater understanding of the game).

Our Hudsonville teams will play games against other area water polo teams on Saturdays. 

Players must be able to swim and tread water to participate (since the sport is played in the pool), however, they don’t need to currently be competitive swimmers. With that being said, we do encourage athletes to also participate in Hudsonville swim programs.


The 2017 middle school water polo season starts on Monday, March 20th (first practice), and runs through May 20th (final tournament). Practices—which are co-ed—run from 6:00 – 8:00PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. Tournaments are held at various local schools every Saturday from April 15th – May 20th.


Players should be able to swim and tread water, however, they don’t need to be current competitive swimmers.

If your player can swim in the deep end and play catch with a ball while treading, then they are ready. It is our job to teach them the rest of the skills they will need.

Players should be able to successfully swim at least one lap of the pool using the front crawl stroke (“freestyle”) without stopping.

It is important that those students considering playing high school water polo participate in HEAT Water Polo in 6th - 8th grade. Whereas this is not required, players who do not are certainly at a disadvantage at the high school level.


$80  participation fee paid online or check to Hudsonville Community Education for those with 10 volunteer hours
$110  participation fee for those who do not have 10 volunteer hours. 

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